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Genuine Issue 5 Man M-1950 Arctic Hex Tent

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Used, excellent condition, six-sided, pyramidal hexagon tent (2 piece wooden center pole is used) supported by a center pole (included). It is designed to accommodate four to five men and their individual clothing and equipment. Under emergency conditions one tent may provide shelter for a rifle squad or other similar unit when rucksacks are placed outside the tent.

The tent has one door; ventilation is provided by two built-in ventilators located on opposite sides and near the peak of the tent. 

The tent is very large. It's 8.5 feet tall and 13 feet wide. I would bet it would fit three
people comfortably for an extended period of time.

It has a white cotton liner for additional insulation and to keep frost off of the inside of
the tent. It also makes the inside of the tent very bright.

There are three clothes lines circling the inside of the tent.

Approximate weight of the tent, including the center pole, is roughly 98 pounds.

The tent can be heated by an M1950 Yukon stove.

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