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If you need a tough, durable, warm wool blanket - this is the one! The Italian's made a blanket to outlast all others and they made it well. Comes in a rich Brown color with Beige stripes. These are authentic Italian officers blanket, it is not the reproductions that are around and being sold as original. They have been sitting on a shelf.

*There is a mothball smell which is due to storage for many years. Below read the various reviews (off our old site) that will help you remove the smell making this your favorite blanket.


"Yes, there is a smell. Yes, order this by itself. Yes, open the box outside. Lay it out in the open, over chairs, etc., in the sun for a 3-5 days. The smell goes away quickly. Air dry it first. Then wash it on gentle in woolite. Air dry. Handsome and quality enough to be a throw or folded up binkie on your couch. Very masculine for you leather furniture types - like me."

"I bought two of these blankets and they are better than the Hudson Bay quality. EXTREMELY heavy and warm. Yes they come with an overpowering smell of moth balls. I did not know to simply hang them outside and the smell would go away. I washed them several times WITH a big dose good smelling cheap HAIR CONDITIONER in each wash and they came out soft, and non scratchy, and smelling like your girlfriends hair. HAIR CONDITIONER IN BOTH THE WASH AND RINSE CYCLE WILL KEEP ALL WOOL ITEMS FROM SHRINKING TOO."

"Ok so the moth ball smell was there, but luckily my three were not as bad as some... Washed them in washing machine warm wash / warm rinse.... with fabric softener and reg laundry detergent with a cup of vinegar.... They got really stinky when wet...but warm cycle in dryer emptying the lint trap about every 15 minutes.... then laid them out febreezed both sides of them and let them air dry over night no smell now at all.... we are so happy with them we just ordered 5 more.... best bargain in 100% wool and WARM.... thank you so much "

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