British Bobby Helmet Reproduction

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A great collectible! 

An exact copy of a British Metropolitan Police helmet. Reproduced with the large metal police badge emblem, adjustable chin strap and full suspension. One size fits all.

The custodian helmet is the headgear traditionally worn by male police constables and sergeants while on foot patrol in England and Wales. Officers of all ranks in most forces are also issued a flat, peaked cap that is worn on mobile patrol in a vehicle. Ranks above sergeant wear the peaked cap only.

It was based on the spiked pickelhaube worn by the Prussian Army[2] and was first adopted by the London Metropolitan Police in 1863 to replace the "stovepipe" top hat worn since 1829. In 1863, the Metropolitan Police replaced the previous uniform of white trousers, swallow-tailed coat and top hat in favour of very dark blue trousers, a more modern button up tunic and the early type of helmet which had an upturned brim at the front and a raised spine at the back, running from the bottom to the top of the helmet, which became known as the "cockscomb".

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