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Payment can be made with US credit cards, debit cards or personal money orders in U.S. funds or by your PayPal account. The following credit cards are accepted; VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. If you use an American Express or Discover credit card the ship to address must be the same as the bill to address as stated in their contracts. With all credit cards, we require that the billing address and CVV number match the listing at your bank for that credit card. This is a security measure to help prevent fraud for both you and our company. If the billing address entered on the order does not match the address on file with your bank, your order WILL BE DELAYED until we can verify your address and any corrections have been made with you. To avoid order processing delays, please make sure you enter the exact address where your credit card or debit card statement is mailed in the "Bill To" fields in the shipping cart. You may ship to an address other than your bill to address as long as you are a Visa or Mastercard. We reserve the right to cancel any order. We do not ship or receive C.O.D. or layaway orders.

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