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Space Heater Arctic, Genuine Issue, Hunter SHA

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Just arrived in limited quantities. 5 New and 6 Used at this time.

The new are complete and in the original box. The used are in good condition. Both are at an unbeatable price.

NSN 4250-01-444-2375

Made by Hunter Manufacturing Company

The HDT Space Heater Arctic (SHA) provides heat for 5 and 10 man tents, soft-wall shelters and temporary structures.

-65ºF heating
Exhaust vented outside
Designed for use with DF1, DF2, DFA, JP5, JP8, Jet-A, kerosene, wood or coal
Adjustable fuel input for temperature control
Built to MIL-PRF-44494
ITR fuel-vaporizing technology

The HDT SHA is a lightweight, portable, multi-fueled, non-powered space heater intended to heat 5 and 10 man arctic tents. The heater provides radiant heat and natural convective heated air without the use of electrical power. The SHA has the ability to burn kerosene-based fuels, as well as wood and coal, making the SHA extremely versatile. The SHA overcomes safety and operational deficiencies that existed in earlier models of this type. This is achieved by utilizing ITR's patented vaporizing burning technology, making the product much more safe and effective.

The SHA provides a maximum heat output of 25,000 BTUs, with a high/low adjustment. The standard military five-gallon fuel can serves as an external fuel tank. The fuel is routed to the heater using the HDT-patented gravity feed adapter supplied with the heater. During operation, the fuel can is inverted and placed on the available HDT collapsible fuel can stand (we do not have the fuel can stand available for purchase).

The heater is designed so that all standard accessories fit inside for convenience in transportation and storage.

Rating: 15,000-25,000 BTU/hr
Rated Airflow: N/A
Fuel Requirements: Liquid fuel, coal, or wood (Liquid Fuels = Diesel or Kerosene) *NOT FOR USE WITH GASOLINE*
Fuel Usage: .25 gallons per hour
Power Requirements: N/A - non-powered heater

Height: 17 inches
Length: 17 1/2 inches
Diameter/Width: 9 inches
Weight: 50 pounds

Included Accessories:
Fuel Control Valve
Gravity Feed Kit
Fuel Feed Hose
Nesting Exhaust Stack
Stack Cap
Guy Lines
Solid Fuel Burning Grate
Burner Cleaning Tool
Technical Manual

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* Item pictured with an "X" thru it DOES not come with heater

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